Brexit Party MEPs have attempted to stage a protest in the European Parliament today by turning their backs during the 'Ode to Joy' anthem.

As they took their seats the Brexiteers made their presence known by objecting to the playing of the Beethoven composition, which is played before the start of a new parliamentary session.

The stunt by Farage and his cohorts has been ridiculed on social media with many, including MPs calling it 'embarrassing' and 'childish'.

Others decided to mock the Brexit Party members for the stunt with jokes and many references to the 'Poznan' - a football celebration where fans turn their back on the pitch and jump up and down arm-in-arm after their team scores a goal.

As Labour peer Andrew Adonis pointed out, the irony of this stunt is that 'Ode to Joy' was composed by Beethoven for the Philharmonic Society of London, therefore they are effectively turning their back on Britain too.

Nigel Farage tried to claim the stunt as a success, stating in a tweet that 'the Brexit Party has already made its presence felt', which only opened him up to more mockery.

Meanwhile, Farage's colleague Martn Daubney compared the inside of the European Parliament to Star Wars, which we think is a reference to the Galactic Senate from The Phantom Menace and now we feel dirty.

There was a counter protest to the Brexit Party, staged by the Liberal Democrats, who wore yellow 'Stop Brexit' t-shirts, which received mixed reviews and criticism from Brexiteers.

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