Brexit Party MEP complains about how long it takes him to get to Strasbourg and everyone pointed out the obvious

Brexit Party MEP complains about how long it takes him to get to Strasbourg and everyone pointed out the obvious

Brexit Party MEP Dr David Bull, who you might remember from daytime television shows and kids TV in the 1990s, has shared a video on Twitter complaining about how far he has to travel to work for his new job.

The 50-year-old was elected to the European Parliament as part of the European elections but before standing he may not have taken into consideration just how far away his new job in Strasbourg, France, would be.

In the 38 second clip, which starts at Ipswich train station, he bemoans that he has to catch four trains to get to Strasbourg, which will take him approximately eight hours.

Good morning. It is Monday morning and this is the beginning of my trip to Strasbourg. So, it's eight hours and as you can see here, this is the first of many trains. 

So, this is Ipswich to London Liverpool Street, then after that I have to London Liverpool Street to Kings Cross.

From Kings Cross I then have to go to Paris. From Paris I then have to change stations and from Paris I then have to go to Strasbourg and I will arrive at something like twenty to seven at night.

I left home at 8 o'clock this morning, having got in at midnight and I'm going to have to do this repeatedly because for some reason the parliament seems to be in a very inaccessible place.

There are many problems here. Firstly did he not realise how far away Strasbourg was when he applied for the job? Why did he stay out so late if he knew he had to be up early the next morning? Liverpool to Kings Cross is about a 10-minute journey on the underground and why didn't he use a private jet, like his mate Nigel?

Bull's video, which he shared in an attempt to show where British taxpayers' money is being spent, didn't exactly hit its intended target as his notifications soon became flooded with people pointing the obvious flaws in his complaint.

Bull has since responded to the comments by saying that if Brexit would have happened like it was supposed to on 29 March, then the UK wouldn't have any MEPs, and those that have been elected from the Brexit Party are going to cause a 'stink', which might not have been the best noun to have used in this situation.

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