Brigitte Trogneux, a former teacher who walked away from the occupation in 2015 to support her husband, is 25 years Emmanuel Macron's senior.

They met when he was 15 and she was a married private school teacher. Her daughter was in the same class as her future husband.

She married Macron October 2007, 21 months after divorcing André Louis Auzière, aged 54, when Macron was 29.

These details seem to have vexed some.

While many in the En Marche! movement love her (supporters chanted her name at a recent victory rally as he thanked her), others have voiced some disapproval at the age gap.

It would be worth nothing that not much clamour was made about the age gap between Donald Trump, 70, and Melania Trump, 46, who have 24 years between them.

Picture:Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Nearly exactly the same, yet no one bats an eyelid.

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