Woman complains after boyfriend proposes with grandmother's 'ugly' engagement ring

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Proposing to someone is a key moment in anyone's life, and people go to a lot of effort to make it perfect for their hopeful spouse-to-be.

This woman, however, was left less than impressed by the ring her fiance presented her with, and she took to social media to share her disappointment.

It goes without saying that the post soon went viral, and one eagle-eyed social media user shared it to Reddit, along with the caption:

Making fun of your engagement ring on social media

Many other Reddit users took to the social media platform to share their thoughts about how the woman had responded.

Most thought that the woman had been ungreatful and that posting on social media about it was the last straw.

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While another said that she'd posted it in a ring-specific group, which was slightly more redeeming.

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And one thought that they were both in the wrong.

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What do you think? Is this young woman at fault, or is she within her rights to not want to wear an 'ugly' engagement ring?

The jury is out...

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