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Whether it was love at first sight or a drunken night that ended in cleaning up someone's vomit, most people remember the very moment they knew their partner was the one they wanted to marry.

One Reddit thread in particular called out to married men, asking them to describe the very instant they knew their significant other was "the one".

So queue the soppy love songs, and pull out your tissues – its about to get super emotional.


I was on a two week business trip to Montreal when I lived in London. I'd spent the whole day walking the city, spent 3hrs in the gym and was stood on the top-floor balcony of the hotel with a glass of wine watching the sun go down. Must have been the 8th September 2012.

I just knew. I realised that it was a real problem that she wasn't there with me and I missed her madly. Balanced my phone on a table and took a timer picture to commemorate the occasion.

Secret singing

I left my favourite CD in her car (Dream Theater’s ‘Scenes From a Memory’). She wasn’t a huge fan, but put up with it whenever I listened. One day I was on the phone with her while she was driving and we said good-bye but she forgot to hang up. I waited a few seconds and I heard her singing along.

Little things

For me there was no big "aha" moment. It was a long string of little moments. When I could look back and just seeing how easy our relationship was. Few fights and when we fought it was always constructive. We always had the big problems and discussions figured out, finances, family and our future. We were always on the same page. I do remember one night just before graduating and anxious about my future, I realised that as long as I had her by my side, I would die at the end of my life happy, regardless of my success. Once I realised I had a girl that I saw a future with I, put a ring on her.

Emotional support

The night my dad died.

Everybody else wanted something from me; a reaction, some words, something.

She just followed me out into the hall of the ICU and sat next to me. She never said a word. Didn’t grab all over me or smother me. She just sat next to me and held my hand silently.

It was exactly what I needed and I remember being so glad I didn’t have to explain that to yet another person; that I could just sit quietly and try to process the idea of the rest of my life without my dad and have someone there so I didn’t feel so alone in that moment.

Important moments

I'm coming up on three years clean off of cocaine. Last year I mentioned to her that I was really proud of myself cause I was coming up on my two year anniversary.

We were just starting out dating but had been best friends for a while before that. But on my two year anniversary I didn't plan to do anything except give myself a pat on the back really.

She picked me up from work unannounced, took me to my favourite park and she had bought me a really sweet card, my favourite candies and a meal from my favourite restaurant in town. The fact that she did something for me on a day where I had zero expectations of anyone doing anything was truly amazing.

Hungry for marriage

My dad told me he knew he wanted to marry my mom when the McDonald's opened in Moscow after the USSR crumbled and she ate 6 Big Macs in a row.


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