These are the strangest things about English, according to people who learnt it as adults

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The language of Shakespeare can be tricky to pick up as a second tongue.

There are so many obscure rules that native speakers seem to pick them up without even registering that they have done so.

Those who have adopted English as a second or third language have taken to Reddit to share the more difficult aspects which they have repeatedly struggled with.

English, as it is used, is often a lot swearier than the language which is taught in schools across the globe, so the following list contains some (ok, many) profanities.


How the English see the world

Though, through, and, thought

Versatile words

According to another Redditor, there is even a Japanese book explaining how to use English profanities.

Confusing(ish) suffixes

The importance of 'the'

Simple English

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