Eric Trump shows up to a government meeting for no reason, leaves everyone baffled

One of President Donald Trump’s sons mysteriously milled around at a government meeting and no one could explain what he was doing there.

As officials for Federal Emergency Management Agency discussed Hurricane Laura and its path of destruction in Louisiana and Texas with the president on Thursday, Eric Trump stood near the door, according to reporters, and did not say anything.

Eric, who works for the Trump Organisation, certainly has no emergency management experience and just stood bizarrely in the corner as if it was “Bring Your Son To Work Day,” as Mike Sington pointed out.

“Why was Eric Trump in #HurricaneLaura briefing at FEMA?” asked Paula Reid, a CBS White House Correspondent, posting a video of the strange affair.

While journalists were confused, Eric’s presence proved to be infuriating for Twitter users who had perhaps seen one-too-many Trump children over the past few days repeatedly praising their father at the RNC.

“Just incredible. The Trumps are acting like some sort of Royal Family,” one Twitter user said.

Others were quick to point out that Trump’s business affairs are supposed to stay separate from the presidency.

“Looks like independent businessman Eric Trump doesn't even know why he was at FEMA today,” The Recount said in a tweet, showing even Eric himself looking highly baffled.

This comes just after Eric Trump made a speech – littered with inaccuracies – on Tuesday night at the RNC, where he spent most of his time cheering on his father.

Perhaps the president brought him along for moral support.

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