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Eric Trump has been criticised for shaking the hands and giving high fives to supporters at a rally in Michigan, despite there still being fears about the spread of coronavirus.

The 36-year-old son of the president was campaigning for his father in Michigan and meeting some of his supporters in the state.

Judging by his Twitter output on Wednesday Eric had met numerous people throughout the day but there was no evidence of him wearing a mask or keeping a safe distance.

Footage shared by The Recount showed that after one of these events Eric began shaking hands with those who had attended despite Covid-19 being able to spread by unclean hands and by touch.

The clip has left many concerned and shocked about the amount of disregard that Trump has shown to others.

Coronavirus cases in Michigan have reportedly witnessed a rapid uptake in cases, with Michigan Live stating that 1,670 cases-a-day are now being recorded.

Criticism of Eric came on the exact same day that president Trump had attempted to call out Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes for not wearing a mask in the White House after she had interviewed him.

Trump has previously criticised Nancy Pelosi for not wearing a mask in public. However, the president has made a show of not wearing a mask, even when he had Covid-19 and was reticent to wear one during the first few months of the pandemic.

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