Trump Ally Eric Prince says transcript of testimony to Congress was 'wrong'. Yes, really

Trump Ally Eric Prince says transcript of testimony to Congress was 'wrong'. Yes, really

Donald Trump and his allies have a complex relationship with the truth, and have made separating fact from fiction into an art form.

The latest member of Trump's buddies to put their foot in it is Erik Prince, the brother of Betsy DeVos and the founder of the infamous private security firm Blackwater.

Prince, who has been accused of aiding the Trump campaign, testified under oath in November 2017 to the House Intelligence Committee that he had no involvement with the president's election campaign other than 'attending fundraisers and placing yard signs.'

Yet in a startling Head to Head interview with Al Jazeera journalist Mehdi Hasan at the Oxford Union, Prince stated that he was at a meeting at Trump Tower in August 2016 with Donald Trump Jr, the far-right political activist Stephen Miller, social media expert, Joel Zamel and the Middle Eastern lobbyist and convicted peaodophile, George Nader, which is something that he didn't tell Congress.

In front of a packed audience, Hasan asks Prince:

In November 2017, you told Congress under oath that you played, 'no official, or. really unofficial role' in the Trump campaign. What you didn't tell Congress was that on August 3 2016 you were at a meeting during the campaign at Trump Tower with Don Jr, with Stephen Miller, then a campaign adviser to Trump, with George Nader, a former Blackwater colleague of yours who acts as a back channel to the Saudis, the Emiratis - he also happens to be a convicted paedophile - and also Joel Zamel an Israeli expert on social media manipulation. How come you didn't mention that meeting to Congress, given it's so relevant to their investigation?

A rather bemused Prince then asserts his innocence that he did tell Congress about any meetings that he had with the Trump campaign.

Hasan then has to cut him off and actually show him the transcript from his testimony, where he doesn't say anything along those lines.

Not in the Congressional testimony you gave to the House. We went through it, you didn't mention anything about August 2016, meeting in Trump Tower.

They specifically asked you what contacts you have and you didn't answer that.

Prince then tries to claim that he wasn't asked that question, where Hasan again has to reiterate the exact question that Congress asked him.

You were asked, were there any formal communications on contact with the campaign? 

You said, apart from writing papers, putting up yard signs, no. That's what you said.  I've got the transcript to the conversations here. 

Prince's whole charade then immediately crumbles and he confesses there and there to having been at Trump Tower on that day to apparently discuss 'Iran policy.'

An almost flabbergasted then asks Prince why he didn't think that was a significant thing to 'disclose while under oath?' To which Prince rebukes that he did.

Hasan then literally has to point out that undoubtedly didn't which actually prompts laughter from the audience. To makes matters worse for himself Prince actually claims that 'the transcripts are wrong.'

Hasan then really lays it on thick by pointing out to Prince that Robert Mueller has managed to get a lot of people indicted for lying to the authorities, which Prince had just appeared to have confessed to.

Footage of the interview has since gone viral and people are shocked at Prince's overwhelmingly incompetence.


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