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Election fever has gripped the nation. No, it's not the long-anticipated Theresa May resignation, it's actually the European Elections, which are only 17 days away.

Each party is allowed to send the electorate one piece of literature, at zero cost during the campaign, using the information that they can glean about you from the electoral roll. It goes without saying that Remainers have been getting creative in destroying the Brexit Party's leaflets, which have been posted through their doors and feature Nigel Farage.

Along with the Remain-backing Change UK, the Brexit Party will face one of its biggest tests when the British public chooses their 70 MEPs for the European Parliament on May 23, reports the Mirror.

Therefore, it makes sense that the UKIP leader wants to imprint the image of his face on the minds of the electorate, but it also makes equal amounts of sense that the electorate has decided to fight back in the only way they know how: by defacing, burning, and destroying said leaflets.

Many decided to get school-boy with their humour.

Let's be honest, it would be rude not to.

Others gave the leaflets to their pets.

And their children.

Some just used good old fashioned burning.

And the inevitable toilet humour!

It really brought out the 'artist' in others.

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