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The operators of the famed channel tunnel train, the historic rail link between the British Isles and mainland Europe, aren't feeling positive about Brexit.

Since Britain began to prepare to exit the European Union, a plethora of parliamentary committees have been established to look into every detail.

On Tuesday, the House of Lords EU Internal Market subcommittee published the evidence that had been submitted to them by Eurostar International Ltd.

The submission formed part of the subcommittee inquiry into 'Brexit: future trade between the UK and EU in services'.

In response to a question regarding the benefits of leaving the EU to their company, Eurostar submitted this answer in writing:



There are no benefits of growth opportunity that we could identify from leaving the EU.

They continued:

As a cross-border operator, our fixed costs are already very high, and in many instances the business case is marginal. Any additional cost, small as it might seem, would only add to these costs and risks either raising prices for passengers or, if the market cannot bear such increases, making the operation unsustainable in its present form.

The submission was spotted by journalist Matthew Holehouse.

Eurostar's full submission can be read here.

A spokesperson for Eurostar told indy100 they had nothing to add to their remarks made in the submission.

In October, Eurostar said they would cut one in 12 service from London St Pancras to Paris and Brussels, due to a "challenging environment".

Chief Executive Nicolas Petrovic said at the time:

The uncertainty following the vote to leave, combined with the Brussels terrorist attack, has continued to dampen demand.

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