Here's a map of all the countries Donald Trump has already offended

Here's a map of all the countries Donald Trump has already offended

Donald Trump's approach to politics continues to shock. On Friday night it was revealed that he made contact with the government of Taiwan.

Presidents-elect usually spend their transition period speaking to world leaders, as preparation for their coming administration.

But Trump reversed 37 years of US foreign policy when he accepted a telephone call from Taiwan's leader.

The US ended formal relations with the island state in 1979, when president Jimmy Carter chose to shift recognition from Taiwan to mainland communist China.

Taiwan, officially named the 'Republic of China' is distinct from the mainland 'People's Republic of China', but both governments claim to represent the Chinese people.

The decision to communicate with the Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen, is thought to be a move which will make relations between Trump and mainland China even icier.

The president-elect defended the conversation on Twitter.

The wording of the Taiwan Relations Act (1979) has the potential to bind the US to intervene should mainland China ever invade Taiwan.

Trump worked his way to the White House with a campaign riddled with insults and slander, as well as a few sexual assault scandals.

Which we suppose is some achievement.

It's no secret he holds a few prejudices that many countries will note with concern.

Here's a map of all the countries he's insulted along the way and with whom he will now have to establish diplomatic relations.

You can hover over each country or click on them to find out what Trump said:

If we've missed any, then please do let us know.

We've done our best to reflect Trump's statements as they would be interpreted by a majority of the population in each country.

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