Racist makes ridiculous complaint because John Lewis advert features a black family

John Lewis/YouTube

John Lewis made an advertisement that featured black actors, and it's the sort of thing that makes one woman pray for 'our country and culture'.

Katie, a self described 'free-thinker' posted to Twitter about her problems with the high street store's advert.

Basically she doesn't think black people should be in an advert that airs in Great Britain.

The text is supposedly a complaint she sent to John Lewis.

More than 1,000 people have responded to her, mostly to tell her how ridiculous this is.

This is all an argument about an advert.

Capitalism has won. This is the end for any other system.


The self appointed culture warriors are fighting over who features in an advertisement.

Never mind the lack of black people on actual TV programs, or in British film, or music.

Why don't racists have a problem with a dog appearing in the advert?

This is a predominantly human country, so Boxer and the foxes can clear off.

It also appears that contrary to Katie's claim, she hasn't even sent the quote to John Lewis.

A spokesperson for the company told indy100:

We haven't been contacted directly by the person and we would not engage with this tweet.



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