This is everywhere on the planet that North Korea's missiles could strike

STR/AFP/Getty Images

2017 has seen North Korea ramp up their missile testing.

Since February, the secretive communist state has conducted 15 tests, most of which have been successful.

These tests include firing a missile over Japan and reportedly conducting a nuclear test in September which caused tremors across the border in China.

Experts now believe that North Korea now have the potential to hit New York with a "hell of a missile", quite concerning information giving Donald Trump's unwillingness to back down from their growing dispute.

As stories emerge each week about North Korea's arsenal and capabilities, it can be a little bewildering and scary.

Can they really launch a missile at the United States? What about the UK and the rest of Europe?

ABC News have researched all of the missiles that North Korea have tested so far and studied their potential trajectory.

Here is a rough breakdown of their findings.

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