This seismologist's two word reaction to North Korea's nuclear test should terrify you

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You'll be pleased (terrified) to know that North Korea have successfully tested another nuclear weapon.

The rogue Asian state conducted a test of a hydrogen bomb early Sunday morning.

This is the first nuclear test that Kim Jong-un and his cohorts have carried out since September and is probably the most concerning yet.

The bomb, which is substantially more powerful than your average atomic bomb, caused an earthquake-like tremors.

CNN say that the tremors registered at 6.3 and 4.6 on the Richter scale, as reported by China's Earthquake Administration.

Those tremors were felt in the city of Yanji on China's border with North Korea which the following video demonstrates.

North Korea have also confirmed that the h-bomb could be fitted to a long range missile that could reach mainland America.

This comes just days after the communist country fired a missile that flew directly over Japan.

Now this is all very scary and in times of need it's probably best to consult the experts for some reassuring words.

One of those experts in Steven J. Gibbons, a seismologist who monitors underground nuclear testing,

This is his reaction to the latest bit of news coming out of North Korea.


Jeffrey Lewis, who runs the Arms Control Wonk, a blog dedicated to arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation, actually predicted that North Korea would test a thermonuclear weapon a little under a month ago.

And this is how he reacted to images of North Korea's leader allegedly inspecting the h-bomb.

All lovely, positive stuff.

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