Extinction Rebellion protest outside Jeremy Corbyn's house ends in most British way possible

Extinction Rebellion protest outside Jeremy Corbyn's house ends in most British way possible

The climate change activists who glued themselves together outside Jeremy Corbyn's house in Islington, north London, ended in quite possibly the most British way imaginable - with an apology.

The four members of the group Extinction Rebellion said that the reason they glued themselves together outside Corbyn's house was an attempt to get him to commit to tackling climate change.

The campaigners said that they're all "Jeremy Corbyn supporters", and that they thought he should go further by declaring a "climate emergency".

However, the Labour leader was pictured walking past them to get out of his home and said nothing when asked for a comment by reporters.

One of the protestors chained herself to the Labour leader's fence with a bike lock. Earlier in the day, Easter eggs and flowers from the protestors were returned to the street by his wife, Laura Alvarez.

Speaking to reporters about why they eventually left, Tracee Williams, 55, told Press Association:

I don’t think this was a misstep but whether we’d do it again, I’m not so sure.

We just really felt we had to bring it to his front door. I feel absolutely terrible about upsetting his wife.

Skeena Rathor, a Labour district councillor for Stroud, said:

I feel really sorry and sad and guilty.

The protestors were part of the Extinction Rebellion group, who have staged chaotic demonstrations across the capital in the last 48 hours, said that their actions were part of a 'peaceful protest' on climate change.

The added:

Our aim is to create moments in time when humanity stops and fully considers the extent of the harm we have done and are doing to life on earth.

It is vitally important at this time. It is a matter of life and death - whether you live in Tower Hamlets or Taipei, Melbourne or Mumbai.

The group stopped 55 buses running yesterday as they flooded the streets of Oxford Circus and Parliament Square. So far, 300 protestors have been arrested.

Maybe everyone needs to just calm down, and have a nice cup of tea.

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