Extinction Rebellion protester storms out of Sky news interview after Adam Boulton calls him 'middle class', 'incompetent' and 'self-indulgent'

Extinction Rebellion protester storms out of Sky news interview after Adam Boulton calls him 'middle class', 'incompetent' and 'self-indulgent'

The Extinction Rebellion protest has brought sections of central London to a standstill this week as activists attempt to raise awareness of climate change by staging protests on Waterloo Bridge and Oxford Circus.

On Wednesday they are reportedly planning to cause disruption to the capital's underground system with delays expected on several key lines at rush hour this evening.

Thus far environmental campaigners have already caused severe disruptions after staging a protest on top of a Docklands Light Railway (DLR) train when a man and woman, both dressed smartly, climbed on top of a train at Canary Wharf station brandishing a banner which read, "Climate Emergency".

Standing on the platform below them another another demonstrator was seen to have glued his hand to the train window before being removed by police at the scene.

Prior to that, Robin Boardman, one of the chief coordinators with Extinction Rebellion spoke to Adam Boulton on Sky News with the conversation quickly turning sour.

Boardman began by saying that humanity, as a species is failing and that he cares deeply about the people of Earth.

We are failing as a species. We are failing people. I care so deeply about the people in this world and all the life on it and I will not see it die, I will not see it go this way.

Boulton interjected and asked why they chose a week when parliament isn't in session to hold the protests adding that he believed they were 'incompetent' and 'middle-class.'

So, in half term week when parliament isn't even here you come here and cause disruption in Westminster. You are not even getting your message across. 

You are just a load of incompetent, middle-class self-indulgent people who want to tell us how to live our lives. That's what you are isn't it?

Boardman replied to the accusation by stating that millions of people will start to die if there is no action before storming out of the interview.

Millions of people are going to starve, starting with those in Africa. We are seeing the effects that it is having now.

If we face another hot summer this year we are going to see the effects right here in the UK.

People are not going to be able to put food on their plates and I will not stand for that and I won't stand for people that won't stand for what it means to live on this planet and I won't stand for anything else. 

Footage of the interview has since been shared widely on social media and many people have been critical of the way Boulton handled the interview.

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