Facebook has been getting a little bit carried away as of late.

You might remember a Facebook post about someone's experience with racism a few days ago which was removed for “violating community standards.

It appears the heavy hand of Facebook struck again, this time by allegedly blocking the profile of a 27-year-old woman last Monday because her name is... Isis Thomas.

After attempting to login, a message instructing her to change her name popped up.

Thomas had been Isis Worcester for a number of years because of work, and she assumed the instructions were to give the social media website her real name, but when she changed it to “Thomas” she was still unable to access her account.

Thomas told The Sun:

They sent a message saying Isis wasn’t allowed, it didn’t comply with the policy. They asked me to send in proof of identity, which I did.

In Egyptian mythology, Isis is the Goddess of the sky and the wife of Osiris, the God of the dead.

Unfortunately the name, which her mother Siam gave her after the Egyptian entity has become associated with the terrorist group of the same name.

Thomas said:

It frustrates me that people still use ‘Isis’, especially when I see newspaper reports and they’ve written it ‘Isis’ instead of at least using capitals, like ISIS.

Thomas' Facebook appears to be up and running, but it's unclear whether she is able to actually use her account.

indy100 has contacted Facebook and Isis Thomas for comment.

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