Family and fiance ‘thrilled’ after Mallory Franklin takes silver at Olympics

Mallory Franklin and her fiance Ciaran Lee Edwards (Ciaran Lee Edwards/PA)
Mallory Franklin and her fiance Ciaran Lee Edwards (Ciaran Lee Edwards/PA)
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Mallory Franklin’s fiance said he and the canoeist’s family were “thrilled” after she won a silver medal at the Games in Tokyo.

Ciaran Lee Edwards, 28, watched the 27-year-old scoop the best result for a British woman in Olympic canoe slalom history with his family, her family and some of the staff that work with her at the Lee Valley White Water Centre in Waltham Cross.

Mr Edwards, who is also a canoeist, said he was planning to take to the water himself later to celebrate.

Mallory Franklin with her silver medal (Danny Lawson/PA)

He told the PA news agency: “We were all here cheering her on and we were all just so thrilled that Mal was able to go out and pedal fearlessly on such a big stage.

“We just managed to catch the medal ceremony and interview. It was amazing to hear her talk and celebrate with her coach as well as see her getting to put that medal around her. There was definitely something in our eyes, causing them to water a little bit. It was really emotional.”

Franklin is due to fly back on Saturday afternoon and has some time off before next week’s competition, which will see her fight to secure a place on the team for the World Championships.

Mr Edwards is hoping the pair can use the free time to help plan for another big event later in the year.

Franklin during the Women\u2019s C1 Canoe Slalom Final (Danny Lawson/PA)

“We’ve got plenty of wedding planning to do,” he said.

“We got engaged in 2018 and were planning to get the Olympics out of the way in 2020 and then have a year to plan the wedding.

“It didn’t quite work out that way with Covid so we’re a bit on the backfoot with planning. One benefit though is now we’ve saved enough to pay for it.”

The couple are planning to tie the knot in Shropshire in December.

“My two tasks she gave me when she left on July 5 was to find a suit and a ring, and I’ve done neither,” he said.

“I’ll be in the dog house when she gets back, but hopefully the medal will make up for it.”

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