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When you're a kid, there are few things more exciting than a visit from the tooth fairy.

The pain and annoyance of losing the tooth is worth it, as you know that come morning you will have a shiny pound under your pillow.

One little boy recently got a bit more than he anticipated after leaving a tooth for the mythical fairy.

Henry Warren, a father-of-three from London, was tired of his sons lack of dental hygiene and left a very formal note for the boy to read.

Coming straight from the desk of Barry T. Tooth Fairy (great name) the letter declares that the tooth has been accepted but that they are delaying the payment.

This was due to levels of Fanta, cereal and chocolate that the fairy discovered. The letter goes on to add that they're seeking assurances on an improvement in brushing technique.

Although it does come attached with a pound, the letter concludes that the next tooth needs to be in better condition otherwise further payments will be withheld.

Henry's expert piece of parenting and communication with the tooth fairy (how did he manage that?) has won heaps of praise on Twitter.

It was the little things in the letter that some people really appreciated.

Other people shared some of their own hilarious tooth based stories.

Word from Henry seems to suggest that Barry the Tooth Fairy is supporting some of the world's biggest toothpaste producers.

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