FitBit is down and people are losing it

<p>Man does exercise in his living room</p>

Man does exercise in his living room

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FitBit wearers are losing their minds over not being able to track their fitness activity, following a technical difficulty

The activity tracker’s app has been down for over four hours. The fit tech firm has been made aware of the problem and is working on solving the problem.

Problems were first reported at 12pm GMT after the app stopped being able to connect to FitBit servers making it impossible to track steps, calories and other fitness data. Those who had been logged out are unable to get back in. Instead, they are greeted with “ is unavailable. Please try again later.” or being completely unable to see the website.

The outage saw users taking to Twitter to crack a few jokes at their expense.

According to TechRadar, the problem is not universal, with certain journalists of theirs being able to use some of the app’s features.

The solution to the problem is just waiting it out. The problem is not your device, but rather with the FitBit server. Data might not be tracking but it is still being recorded and will be uploaded when the app is back up and running as normal.

For those who really need it recognised by a platform, there’s always Strava!

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