Fitness influencer says husband shot her injured dog instead of taking him to the vet

<p>Fitness Influencer Brittany Dawn Davis says husband shot her dog. </p>

Fitness Influencer Brittany Dawn Davis says husband shot her dog.


YouTuber and fitness influencer Brittany Dawn released a video claiming that her husband shot her dog instead of taking him to the vet after a hit-and-run.

Dawn, a fitness influencer who has been a frequent subject of controversy, posted a six-and-a-half minuted video  “my heart is shattered… my dog died in a hit and run… “ to her channel last Wednesday.

In the video, which has likes, dislikes, and comments disabled, Dawn shares that she had let Brodie loose from their fenced backyard and returned home to find him hit by a vehicle.

The dog was still breathing, according to Dawn, who added that she worked as a veterinarian technician for five years, but insisted that there was “no saving him”.

Once Nelson brought her inside their home, Dawn said she “knew what was about to happen”. Her husband revved his engine, presumably to drown out the sound of the gunshot, and killed the dog. The influencer claims, through tears, that Nelson had to do this so that Brodie “wouldn’t suffer.”

Dawn also shared two posts about Brodie’s death on her Instagram page, @realbrittanydawn. “I always joked about ‘who saved who’ because anyone that knows me, and watched me go through my darkest times, knows how much I clung to Jesus and my pup during the storms,” Dawn wrote in one of the posts.

Since sharing the news on social media, some have criticized Dawn for not seeking proper medical care and “asking for sympathy” instead.

Dawn has since moved away from the label “fitness influencer” and has since rebranded her Instagram to chronicle her religious journey. In 2019, she came under fire for allegedly promoting eating disorder culture with hashtags like “#SkipDinner,” reported Heavy. Dawn was also accused of selling generic $300 fitness coaching sessions and nutrition guides after falsely advertising them as being customized for every buyer.

Some have gone on to compare Dawn to Nikki Phillipi, another Christian influencer who came under fire for putting her dog down after it bit their son earlier this year.

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