The only differrence between these two photos is five seconds


Sam Wood is a personal trainer, and in two photos he’s shown why you should never take a selfie at face value.

Wood took two photos of himself with just five seconds in-between, and the difference is astounding.

He wrote:

Don't get caught up in what other people look like.

Photos you see on instagram and other social platforms are not a real representation of what people look like. Lighting, posture, a different angle and every other trick in the book are used. If it inspires then it can be a good thing. If it creates an unrealistic comparison or body of desire that effects your feeling of self then it is unhealthy. Be aware of others but not fixated. Spend that time and energy progressing every day and work on being the healthy, happy, best version of YOU!

And here's a video Wood posted on Facebook discussing the difference in appearance further:

Wood isn’t the first to point this out of course. Using the hashtag #30secondsbeforeandafter, people have been posting to Instagram to show the difference a 30 seconds posture change and tense can reveal.

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