MSNBC and Twitter screengrab

Survivors of the school shooting that killed 17 people have been using social media to campaign for better gun control.

Students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have appeared on CNN, delivered powerful speeches and used Twitter to highlight the movement, which is sweeping across the country.

One of the survivors, Sarah Chadwick, is pushing #NeverAgain to help articulate the horror and loss that her and the other students have experienced.

Now, she’s using the ‘Is Your Child Texting About’ meme to ram some strong truths home:

Here they are:

LOL - Let's get stricter background checks

DTF - Don't take money from NRA

BRB - Ban rifles bro

TTYL: Tomi Lahren stop taking

Chadwick has also fiercely defended fellow student David Hogg against conspiracy theorists who think he’s ‘acting’ during his television appearances.

The student activist has also appeared on TV, insisting no child should ever be afraid to go to school.

Her post was shared over twelve thousand times and liked almost 50,000 times at the time of writing.

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