Chilling footage shows Capitol cops' losing battle to shut out tear-gas spraying rioters

Chilling footage shows Capitol cops' losing battle to shut out tear-gas spraying rioters

It’s a day that will forever loom over America.

As more and more evidence is released during the January 6 U.S. Capitol insurrection investigation, the more terrifying the intensity of the violence really was.

In a tweet shared by NBC Reporter Scott MacFarlane, video evidence showed the U.S Capitol cops desperately attempt to fend off incoming rioters.

MacFarlane tweeted, “Video court exhibit released by US Justice Dept shows what happens as police tried to protect a closing door at US Capitol complex on Jan 6.”

The mob can be seen hurling a trash can at one officer while MAGA supporters use a flag that reads “Trump Train” - a slogan used by former President Donald Trump’s followers - to keep the entry door of the complex open for others to enter.

It’s a horrifying video that shows the mob of people recording while trying to enter the Capitol by any means necessary, regardless of who or what gets in their way.

While around six cops are seen at the start of the clip frantically fending off the mob and kicking the chairs placed to hold the door up, many in the replies to the tweet questioned why they didn’t do more to protect themselves, and in turn, the Capitol.

“I’ll never get a good explanation for why capital police didn’t pull out their fire arms. Why? Where in America do rioters breaking into police area not get met with guns?,” read one comment.

“DUUUCK but with an F, “ wrote another: “I hate that more evidence surfaces every day, but there's no significant advancement of accountability. It's horrifying.”

One Twitter user wrote, “that wide shot of all of them pouring in is what I see in my nightmares.”

“Animals, not patriots. At :16 in, watch one of the lowlifes throw a gold trashcan at a Capitol police office. Yes, they loooove the #Police,” wrote Paula Francis.

The stuff of nightmares indeed.

Back in July, many Capitol officers provided detailed accounts of being knocked unconscious, beaten, and shared they were in fear of their lives as the mob that outnumbered them proceeded with their attacks.

This new evidence comes hot on the heels of the recent arrest of Trump’s longtime ally, Steve Bannon. A District of Columbia grand jury indicted Bannon on two counts of criminal contempt of congress after he refused a subpoena commanding him to turn over vital evidence on the January 6 attack before the investigative House of Representatives select committee.

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