This picture completely sums up America right now


A photo of an Oregon hillside erupting into flames, while golfers carry on with their game, has gone viral this week.

People couldn't believe it was real - and many thought it was something of a visual metaphor for the United States.

But the shot is real, and it was snapped at Beacon Rock Golf Course in North Bonneville, in front of a hillside across the Columbia River.

It captures the Eagle Creek wildfire, which grew to 3,000 acres of the course of one night, and after six days it burned approximately 31,000 acres.

The photo was taken by amateur photographer Kristi McCluer, who wanted to get a good look at the fire, and found herself at the golf course.

She told Oregon Live:

I don't golf at all. I have spent a great part of my life in the Columbia River Gorge, hiking.

She told Fortune:

The golfers and I were not actually in any danger. When I was done taking pictures, I walked over to them and we talked about how crazy and surreal and horrifying this event is, but I didn't get their names or have any real interaction with them. It was just a few words exchanged.

The response to the photo has been odd for McCluer, who told Oregon Live:

It's a little weird to be honest, I am a very private person.

Other people have been sharing their own pictures of the event.

Commenting on a FOX 12 video, Sally Lofstedt said:

That's us! There was a lot of debris floating down getting all over the greens. Hard to putt.

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