30 of the most unusual baby names from 2017


Parents believe their children are special, but sometimes they get carried away with names and forget that their child has to introduce themselves like that forever.

In Alberta, Canada, parents have been busy checking out Greek mythology, weird nouns and fizzy beverages as name inspirations.

The provincial government released its inventory of 2017 baby names.

There are expected ones, with names like Noah (250), Liam (244), Olivia (233) and Emma (215) being the most popular.

But some parents are mavericks. Rebels. They aren’t held back by social convention – after all, why name your child Benjamin when you can name him Nitorious-Shyne?

No, really.

Here are the strangest names to have been registered by parents in Alberta:


1. Achilles

2. Calel

3. Cola

4. Forest

5. Heaven

6. J.

7. Blaze

8. Godspower

9. Nitorious-Shyne

10. V

11. Legacy

12. Xax

13. Jedi

14. Free

15. Sixx


1. Beautiful

2. Sky

3. Sunshine

4. Star

5. Anger

6. Angel

7. Island

8. L

9. Queen

10. Poet

11. Empress

12. Chevy

13. Morning

14. Daenerys

15. Pepper

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