Gavin & Stacey fans call out website for erasing Ruth Jones from writing credits

People are unimpressed with a publication for erasing Ruth Jones from the Gavin & Stacey writing credits.

Deadline, the Hollywood online news site, tweeted an article out to its hundreds of thousands of followers accompanied by the words:

James Corden Delivers Britain’s Biggest Christmas Day TV Audience In 11 Years With ‘Gavin & Stacey’

The problem here is that Jones and Corden co-write the sitcom and have since the show’s inception in 2008. While Corden has become a household name on the other side of the pond with his late-night talk show, his Welsh colleague has continued writing for the small screen as well as publishing a couple of novels.

While Corden might be more well-known to an American audience, it seems problematic to say the least to write the female voice out of history. Clearly the Welsh sections of Gavin & Stacey, beloved by most fans of the show, are inspired by Jones’ own experiences in her homeland.

Those online were not shy about letting Deadline know their mistake.

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