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Gavin Williamson is a 42-year-old man. He is an elected Conservative MP and the current secretary of state for defence.

Yet, despite his age and important role in the British government, he seems to have no concept of nutrition or what a good meal should look and taste like.

Allow us to direct you to his Instagram page where, on Monday afternoon, he shared this picture of what can only be described as a plate of food that has had all of its nutrients removed, and which was possibly at one point possessed.

Not even Viggo Mortensen in The Road would eat that.

We're no food experts, but what we have here appears to be a handful of barely cooked chips, two cremated sausages and 40 per cent of a poached egg, which seems to have evaporated during it's cooking process.

There is also a dollop of brown sauce so big that a small child could potentially drown in it.

We reckon this would be fine if he was submitting it to the Dimly Lit Meals For One Tumblr page, but - judging by the caption - he seems legitimately serious. He wrote:

A proper meal and far better than a #salad.

@matthancockmp needs to start recommending proper hearty food.

#sausage #egg #chips #hpsauce* #brownsauce

Good grief. Not only is he content on eating this, he also wants you to eat it too - and yes that is Matt Hancock, the secretary of state for health and social care he has tagged.

*Other sauces are available.

Worryingly, people think it looks good. WHAT IS GOING ON?

Picture: Instagram

Thankfully, in this time of need, we can turn to Twitter where nothing is safe from ridicule and, just like us, people are horrified.

Surely a few additions to the meal would improve the situation?

That egg is really troubling people.

Wililamson liked it so much he shared it twice. God help us!

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