As you may have seen last night, the government's defence secretary Gavin Williamson was sacked by Theresa May after he was named as a source in the Huawei leak.

In sad moments like this when we say farewell to a politician who we barely knew and was about as interesting as a piece of mouldy bread in Tupperware, it's important to remember the good times.

It wasn't so long ago that he sharing images of his quite frankly ghastly looking meals on Instagram but before that, he was infamous for owning a tarantula which he kept on his desk.

for Williamson is time at the top has come to an abrupt end, but what about the spider? What on earth will happen to the loveable eight-legged pet?

The arachnid was named Cronus, possibly after the Greek primordial God of time (but we'd really like to believe it's a tribute to obscure ECW wrestler John Kronus).

Will he be going with him or will it be like Larry the cat who has a permanent residence at Downing Street? Who knows but there were plenty of people mocking Williamson and his odd choice of a pet after the news broke on Wednesday night.

Maybe, just maybe it was the tarantula who leaked the information to the prime minister?*

Then came the utterly awful 'dad jokes'.

Get it? Because 'Cronus' is a bit like 'Onus'

Still, spare a thought for the pets in these troubling times.

*It definitely wasn't

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