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Picture: Ethan Miller/Getty

There’s a plethora of sex advice slathered across the pages of shiny magazines or buried in Reddit threads posts claiming to reveal the secret to what women (and men) want.

And while preferences vary from person-to-person and sexual orientation, getting a different perspective on what makes a 'good' lover can be invaluable.

On Saturday indy100 wrote an article on advice gay women had for straight men in the bedroom department, so today it's the other way around.

Straight women, listen up: here are five pieces of advice from gay men on how to please your significant other:

1. Don't be afraid to make noise

Never be quiet, always be loud.

An anonymous indy100 reader said one of the most important things is to be vocal - if you like it, verbalise it - knowing that you're enjoying yourself makes your partner enjoy himself too.

2. Foreplay

According to YouTuber Ashley Hesseltine, who went to Atlanta’s Pride festival, several gay men had the same tip:

Teasing, and the soft motion of hands touching and stuff, that would work.

Guys are a lot more sensitive than they let on, so foreplay does go a long way.

3. Kissing

Joe Stone, of thedebrief.co.uk said:

It's tempting to think that a man's only erogenous zone is the one he pokes you in the back with first thing, but lots of men enjoy having their ear lobes, neck and nipples kissed.

Stone cited a University of California study which concluded that men prefer some 11 per cent more tongue than women.

4. Be aware of the body hair

Dan Anderson, author of Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay man, wrote:

While massaging or licking a hairy chest, thigh or calf, do be gentle. Unless you’re lightly tickling him, concentrate on the muscle and not the surface, because an overzealous stroking may seem passionate to you, but it’s a painful hair-pulling for him.

Creams, lotions and massage oils can make it even worse [so] use them judiciously.

5. Be confident

According to Rebelcircus.com:

Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.

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