This GB News monologue about comedy ‘woketeers’ is being compared to Alan Partridge

This GB News monologue about comedy ‘woketeers’ is being compared to Alan Partridge

A clip from GB News complaining about so-called “cancel culture” ruining comedy has become unintentional comedy gold.

A segment from the news channel, which actually aired back on 4th November, saw host and former Brexit Party MEP Alex Phillips bemoan attempts to ban certain comedians for their inappropriate jokes.

However, the actual topic of the discussion is not what has caught people’s attention here.

Instead, Phillips’s monologue, which namechecks playwrights like Aristophanes, Shakespeare and Molière (and Michael McIntyre), has gone viral for reasons that should be obvious once you’ve watched it.

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The initial prelude to the segment was pretty good but really kicked into gear when she got to the crux of the matter. Phillips lashed out at “Woketeers” for trying to “gag gags, ban banter and make us all quit wit.”

We’re not sure what Woketeers are but you have to admire the way that she managed to make everything else rhyme from thereon. Genuinely impressive stuff.

Despite the original broadcast airing nearly two weeks ago, the segment is finally getting the love it deserves with inevitable comparisons being made to one of Alan Partridge’s speeches on Mid-Morning Matters or This Time.

GB News has perhaps been unfairly branded as a laughing stock since it launched, due to its low viewing figures and founder Andrew Neil leaving after just a few months. Yet you have to say the likes of Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci would struggle to come up with writing as funny as this.

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