The Pride of Britain red carpet is an odd place.

You’ve got the likes of Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell rubbing shoulders with Jeremy Corbyn. But that’s by no means the oddest encounter.

When Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn met TOWIE’s Gemma Collins, the internet stopped and took notice. Yes, the GC met JC – and it was great.

Now, Gemma – whose dad is a staunch Labour supporter - has even started praising the party’s manifesto.

She said:

It was a magical moment

He said it was a pleasure to meet me, and that he liked my dress - he obviously loved it that I was wearing red.

It was like When Harry Met Sally.

Gemma, who is very popular with young people for her memeable quotes and reality scenes, also praised Corbyn’s values.

He’s not just for the rich getting rich. He wants to make everything equal.

He’s got values on education, and he says every child should learn a musical instrument - that’s about giving children something to do, so they’re not hanging around on the streets.

Most of all, Gemma approves of his support for the NHS, specifically for removing hospital charges.

Do you know why I love Jeremy? He wants to end hospital car parking charges.

I’m not being funny, but someone’s died - a member of your family - and you’ve gotta put three quid in the meter?

It’s just not the time. Your mum has a heart attack, yet you’ve got to rustle around in your bag for £5? It’s not the one.

With the support of GC in the bag, it seems the only way is up for Corbyn's party.

H/T: Mirror

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