Gender reveal airplane stunt ends in tragedy as two pilots killed

<p>Video shows a plane crashing during a gender reveal that went wrong</p>

Video shows a plane crashing during a gender reveal that went wrong

Newsflash/New York Post

A gender reveal party ended in tragedy after a plane carrying out a stunt crashed in front of the parents-to-be, killing two pilots.

The plane was flying over just off the coast of Cancun, Mexico at around 3.30 pm local time on Tuesday when it nosedived into the sea.

The shocking incident was caught on camera as the expectant couple and their friends and family watched the plane from a nearby boat.

They can be seen and heard chatting in the footage as two planes do tricks and stunts in the sky as the gender is revealed, apparently by a streamer coming out of the back of the plane. The guests are heard celebrating that it’s a girl.

But seconds later, one plane is seen nosediving straight into the sea. Guests are heard screaming, with one yelling in Spanish: “Surely, this can’t be happening.”

According to local media reports, the navy came to provide aid to the situation. Both the pilot and the co-pilot were given medical attention but one died during the rescue mission and the other passed away after reaching the nearby land, local authorities confirmed.

The Federal Civil Aviation Authority has launched an investigation into the incident.

This is the latest reported fatality in the gender reveal trend. Christopher Pekny died while he and his brother Michael were constructing a device to unveil the gender of his unborn child.

Evan Silva was killed by an explosive canon at a gender reveal party. He was attending a party as a guest and was hit by a makeshift canon like device, according to police reports.

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