Ukip want to ban the full face veil. Here's all the other countries that have done that


Ukip's leader Paul Nuttall is launching what he calls an 'integration agenda', which include banning the full face veils worn by some Muslim women.

Speaking on Sunday morning on the Andrew Marr show Nuttall argued that the ban would improve integration and aid with security.

We have a heightened security risk at the moment, for CCTV to be effective you need to see people’s faces...I don’t think you can integrate properly and enjoy the full fruits of British society if you can’t see people’s faces.

He said that Ukip would likely enforce it in the same way used in France, with an economic fine for those wearing the full face covering in public.

Nuttall cited the current bans in France, Belgium, Bulgaria, the city of Barcelona, and 'some areas of Italy', as well as the current debates on an EU wide ban going on in the European Parliament - which is an odd place for Ukip.

Here are the countries with full face bans, either nationwide or in certain municipalities:

Opponents of the ban argue it does not 'liberate' women or help them integrate, but restricts their access to public spaces, and keeps them confined to the home, where removing the veil is not an option.

In April 2017 Maleiha Malik, a professor of law at King's College, London, told Newsweek that 'the [French] law is a barrier to integration,' making it difficult for women to get jobs and meet people outside of their community.

The intrusion on personal freedom that a ban could impose, is also an argument made by, ironically, Paul Nuttall.

In 2013, Nuttall said of the policy:

What we wouldn’t do is go down the line of enforcing a blanket ban.

We are a libertarian party.

Nuttall at the time was deputy leader, but attributed the ban policy to the temporary leader Lord Pearson, who ran Ukip briefly in 2010 during Nigel Farage's interregnum.

Asked about this on the Andrew Marr show, Nuttall responded that 'integration' and the 'security threat' had both gotten worse since he made the statement in 2013.

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