The party leaders' responses to 'how vain are you' perfectly sum up their personalities

Sirena Bergman@SirenaBergman
Tuesday 10 December 2019 14:30
(AFP via Getty Images/PA)

There are so many questions we would love to ask the party leaders, who would have thought something this simple would turn out to be the most illuminating?

Grazia decided to ask the one thing no one else had thought of:

How vain are you?

And the replies are... beyond parody.

Boris Johnson responded in Latin (as you do), saying "omnia vanitas", which is a quote from the bible that essentially means "everything is vanity". Right. Glad we cleared that up.

Jeremy Corbyn talked about his favourite tracksuit and then switched straight into campaigning mode ("I listen to the people!", basically), while Jo Swinson spoke for us all when she said: "Not as vain as Boris Johnson!"

As Grazia deputy editor Rosamund Dean pointed out,

[It] so perfectly sums up their personalities that it reads like a spoof.

Indeed. Yet it's not.

Dean assures us that they did also ask about climate change, flexible working, mental health, Grenfell, racism, the Domestic Abuse Bill and harassment and bullying in parliament.

But to be honest, this was the one question we never knew we needed, and it's now everything.

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