Jeremy Corbyn's campaign has had its ups and downs but the video released last night was definitely a high. And not just for viewers.

It seems the Labour leader had a great time responding to tweets about himself, and whoever scripted the video is something of a comic genius.

It starts off with a cosy shot of a roaring fire, and then the tweets kick in. Will Corbyn go back to wearing his "commie hat" after the election? (Corbyn has no idea what this means – he just wears a cap, people).

Then he's asked about Labour's now infamous free broadband pledge. We don't get his answer because... our unfortunately privately owned broadband cuts out. At least that's what it looks like and honestly, it felt a little too real.

Corbyn goes on to answer a question about his sex appeal (errr, no comment), one about the "magic money tree" (it's in the Cayman Islands) and the best one – a version of "who even is Jeremy Corbyn?" to which he responds:

The next prime minister.

Opinion polls would suggest this is somewhat overly optimistic, but we enjoyed the video so much we'll let him have it.

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