Outrage as photo of Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey sitting on thrones in Buckingham Palace resurfaces

The fallout from Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest continues to reach bizarre and unexpected new heights.

In a resurfaced photo from 2002, Ghislaine Maxwell sits on the Queen’s throne during a private tour of Buckingham Palace. At her side is actor Kevin Spacey, who himself has been accused of various sexual assault allegations.

The pair visited the Buckingham palace with former president Bill Clinton, who was due to speak at Labour Party conference. The visit was upon invitation of Prince Andrew, the Telegraph reports.

The thrones sat on by Maxwell and Spacey were used by the Queen and Prince Philip for her 1953 coronation. The Telegraph notes that sitting on them is considered a breach of royal protocol. A source told the Times “going anywhere near the thrones is a no-no”.

Prince Andrew has come under intense scrutiny for maintaining a friendship with the late Jeffrey Epstein despite his conviction for child sex offences. He was also accused by Epstein’s alleged “sex slave” Virginia Giuffre of sleeping with her when she was seventeen, which he strongly denies.

Naturally, the image of these two people sitting on thrones has caused outrage online.

Maxwell was arrested by the FBI this week in New Hampshire after being accused of soliciting young women and minors for Epstein to abuse. She denies all allegations against her.

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