Golden Goose

High end fashion retailer Golden Goose have been accused of 'mocking poverty' with their latest trainers, which basically look like a pair of white plimsoles that have been seriously worn out.

For years there has been a market for distressed fashion, whether that's in the form of faded, ripped jeans, or even trainers that look as if they're covered in mud, and this latest offering from label Golden Goose is no exception.

For £399, or $530 US, you can buy a pair of white trainers that look like they've been scuffed up, mended with tape, and maybe been through the washing machine a couple of times.

The description itself even boasts about their 'crumply' look.

Writing in a now deleted tweet, they're described as having:

Crumply, hold-it-all together tape details

As well as boasting:

a grungy rubber cupsole.

For $530. We'll let that sink in.

Many on social media have been unimpressed with the shoes, and have been calling them out for being offensive to those who actually do live in poverty by glorifying it.

Some described them as 'peak capitalism'.

Others were despairing at the 'distressed' trend full stop.

And some highlighted the stupidity of the shoes.

Even offering their old kicks up for a similar price tag.

And giving a shout out to their former wrecked shoe-wearing selves.

While some threw up their hands in despair.

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