Google Calendar back online after glitch for thousands of users across the globe

<p>Many have turned to Twitter to find out what’s going on  </p>

Many have turned to Twitter to find out what’s going on

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Just 24 hours after the Amazon Web Services glitch, Google experienced issues of their own – though it’s unclear whether the outages were related.

On Wednesday, Google Calendar and Google Meet went down for thousands of users across the globe, lasting a few hours. A Google spokesperson has since confirmed, “This issue is now fully mitigated.”

“The problem with Google Calendar has been resolved,” the Google Workspace Status Dashboard said at 10:40am on Wednesday (December 8). “We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and continued support.”

A Google spokesperson told Indy100 that an incident report in the next day or two will be published that will explain exactly what happened.

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So, what did the world do? Head to Twitter, of course.

It’s almost become a tradition following the year’s major online outages: when all else fails, head to a social media platform that works to find out what’s going on.

While some were frustrated at the error, other WFHomers were reaping the brief benefits of “no meeting Wednesday.”

One said: “Google Calendar is down, making ‘no meeting Wednesday’ actually not have meetings.”

While another joked, “Google Calendar down on Wednesday instead of Monday so none of us can catch a break smh.”

Many were being shown an unhelpful “Error 500” response which indicated the issue, but with no explanation.“There was an error,” the page read. “Please try again. That’s all we know.”

“If the problem persists, see the Google Workspace Status Dashboard or visit the Help Centre.”

But now, the panic is over and people can officially return to work.

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