Google employee gets laid off while feeding his newborn

Google employee gets laid off while feeding his newborn
Google to Slash 12,000 Jobs In Latest Round of Tech Layoffs

Nicholas Dufau, a Los Angeles-based lawyer at Google, found out he was laid off in rough circumstances: while feeding his newborn daughter.

According to a post shared by Dufau on LinkedIn, he was employed by the company for six months as part of the associate product council.

On Tuesday (17 January), he became a father and was given parental leave following the birth of his daughter.

However, three days later, in the wee hours of the morning, he noticed that he was terminated and didn't have access to Google's accounts.

"On Friday morning at 2am while feeding my infant, I received a notification that I had lost access to my Google corporate accounts. I had been laid off via automated email," Dufau wrote on LinkedIn.

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Dufau also said that the company had "reassured" him that the company "treasured" its workers as they encouraged him to take parental leave to enjoy the "precious" time with his family.

"I had never been so thankful to find myself on a team that valued me as a person," he wrote.

Dufau noted that this experience made him feel "expendable" and "naïve," but he's grateful for his former colleagues sending him well wishes and sympathies.

He also is especially blessed to have his "saintly wife and miraculous daughter" who have lifted his spirits.

Nicholas Dufau on LinkedIn:

Fellow former employees of Google haven't shied away from sharing their stories from the moment they discovered they were laid off.

Nicole Tsai, who goes by @nicolesdailyvlog on TikTok, filmed herself reliving the moment that she'd been let go by the tech company.

She said she "sobbed over the phone" to her line manager, who also just found out about her layoff that day.

"I think the worst part is that it seems like no one was consulted on this decision, and everyone was just finding out about the layoffs at the same time," she said.

Google is one of the numerous tech companies that have downsized recently.

On Friday, their parent company, Alphabet, announced they were laying off 12,000 employees.

Other companies such as Meta, Twitter, Microsoft, and Tesla have also made cuts in the depleting economy.

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