The GOP have been criticised for promising to establish a manned base on the moon and a mission to Mars… all while we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and looming climate catastrophe.

On Friday, the official GOP Twitter account released it’s “priorities” if the party gets elected for a second term on 3 November.

And the first two were both about space missions:

But people on social media expressed how much they couldn’t care less about space exploration right now:

Many people pointed out the fact that we’re in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and priority should go to stopping people affected by that:

While others pointed out we’re also on the cusp of a climate emergency:

Some people saw the silver lining though:

Almost two hours after the GOP sent out their initial tweet – perhaps after backlash – they continued with their thread.

In it, they mentioned healthcare, developing a coronavirus vaccine, environmental commitments and stopping “endless wars”.


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