Greenpeace suggest fitting name for next heatwave as Europe hit with 60C temperatures

Greenpeace suggest fitting name for next heatwave as Europe hit with 60C temperatures
Land Temperatures In Spain Surpass 60 Degrees Amid Heatwave

The environmental activist group Greenpeace has suggested that the next deadly heatwave to hit the planet should be named after an oil CEO after one person dies in the extreme heat.

The heatwave, or area of high pressure is named Cerberus, after the three-headed dog that guarded the gates of the underworld in Dante's Inferno and Greek mythology.

Temperatures have soared to a dangerously high 60C in Spain, according to satellite recordings, which on heat maps have turned red areas black.

Highs of 40c were also experienced in France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy on Wednesday, the latter of which saw a 44-year-old worker die after collapsing while painting a zebra crossing just outside of Milan in the midday heat.

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As the heat rises to unprecedented levels, Greenpeace had its unique take on the matter.

On Twitter, the organisation wrote: "The extreme heatwave sweeping Southern Europe has been named HEATWAVE CERBERUS - in reference to the dog that guards the underworld in Greek mythology. Can we name the next heatwave after an Oil CEO please instead?"

They then added an illustration of the mythological monster, by artist Luciano Komorizono with three major oil companies (BP, Shell and Exxon Mobil) attached to each of the dog's heads.

Greenpeace also attached a petition to the tweet calling for an end to the fossil fuel industry and their role in the climate crisis.

The heatwave is expected to remain in the Mediterranean for the next two weeks.

Heatwaves only started to be named in August 2022, with 'Zoe' hitting Seville, Spain with temperatures of over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Only the highest tier of heatwaves, category C, have received names so far.

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