Given Greta Thunberg’s history of trolling politicians who make disparaging comments about her, you’d think they’d stop criticising a teenager trying to do the right thing on the important issue on climate change.

Yet, for one Conservative MP, the Swedish activist’s recent remarks on the UK “lying” about its status as a climate leader has clearly caused an upset.

At a UNICEF press briefing, Thunberg said: “There is a lie that the UK is a climate leader and that they have reduced their CO2 emissions by 44 per cent since 1990, or whatever.

“If you don’t include all emissions, of course the statistics are going to look much nicer. But, if you include things like aviation, shipping, outsourcing, and the imports … and the burning of biomass, it doesn’t really look that good.

“So I’m really hoping that we will stop referring to the UK as a climate leader, because if you look at the reality, that is simply not true.”

But responding to Thunberg’s suggestion, Wokingham MP John Redwoodtweeted: “Greta Thunberg should withdraw her false accusations about the UK. She should concentrate on China which produces 27 times the amount of CO2 the UK does.”

The intervention echoes that of other right-wingers, including conservative commentator Darren Grimes.

Although, with Redwood’s argument being one people have seen before, it wasn’t long before he was roasted by fellow Twitter users:

It’s quite laughable that a Tory MP would attempt to strike a blow to Thunberg’s activism, given she’s been striking for a few years now.

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