Mum who drove car into Insulate Britain protesters is now selling merch and people aren’t impressed

Mum who drove car into Insulate Britain protesters is now selling merch and people aren’t impressed

A woman who achieved notoriety by driving her car into a group of Insulate Britain protesters last month is clutching onto the fragments of her five minutes of fame by appearing to sell merchandise to unimpressed punters.

Posting on Instagram to her 13,300 followers, Sherrilyn Speid shared photos of the merch, including hoodies and mugs all emblazoned with “R.R.M” (that’s Range Rover Mum to you or I) and promised that the products will be “coming soon”.

Reid became known during the height of the Insulate Britain protests by intervening in a rather controversial manner while trying to take her son to school. In a video of her (sort of) protest against the protest, which went viral on social media, Reid left her vehicle and shouted at protestors to “move out the way now.”

“I’ll drive through you then,” she added. “Move out the way I’m not joking my son is 11 and he needs to get to school and I need to get to work.”

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Having failed to get the protestors to shift, she then returned to her Range Rover and drove into the protestors backs as one yelled out “Ow, ow, ow, no!”

It caused a stir and later Reid spoke to various press outlets to defend her behaviour, clarifying she “nudged them slowly” to try and scare them into getting out of the road.

“I shouldn’t have let the anger get the better of me but they pushed me to the edge,” she told the Sun. “What they’re doing is wrong. They’re not peaceful, they’re obstructive and they’re rude.

“We want to have a nice planet for our children’s children, which I support — but they’re doing more damage than good. They should be protesting outside parliament and to the government and not interrupting people’s lives.”

Meanwhile, speaking to MailOnline, she said she was just “standing up for her son”.

“I just wanted to get him to school,” she said.

Now, it appears that she just wants to sell a few mugs.

It’s not clear whether the range is part of a bizarre joke, or if it actually will be “coming soon”.

But, talking about the merch on social media, some people found it pretty distasteful or – at best – ridiculous:

If you want some Range Rover Mum stash to make its way into your Christmas stocking this year, it’s probably useful to know how much it costs. A hoodie will set you back an oddly specific £36.76 while a mug is priced at £12.54. Meanwhile some leggings are £33.19, and you can also get a cushion – hopefully not to throw at protesters – but unfortunately the price is cropped out in the image Speid shared.

Ah, capitalism. It’s just a shame she isn’t also selling insulation boards.

Indy100 has contacted Speid to comment on this story.

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