Rapper Saskilla explains why Jeremy Corbyn did so well in 18 words

BBC / Victoria Derbyshire / Screengrab

British grime artists came out for Corbyn in a spectacular way during the run up to the general election.

Jme, Akala,Stormzy...There was so much support for Labour and encouragement for youth engagement in politics from the music scene that the hashtag #Grime4Corbyn was born.

The movement was even referenced in response to Theresa May's bizarre non-victory victory speech – during which she failed to concede that her gamble spectacularly backfired – when David Lammy namechecked a Stormzy song:

Now, as political journalists, pundits and politicians race to explain why May lost so much support, grime artist Saskilla has stepped up with a snappy summary:

Here's the damning highlight:

If she can tell me what Lidl looks like from the inside, then I'll listen to Theresa May.

The implication being, that if May were more familiar with normal people's experience (i.e. budget grocery shopping), including that of the poor and JAMs (Just About Managing), then she might be a more credible voice of the nation.

Now, there is no evidence that Theresa May has never been to Lidl.

There's also no evidence she even goes to the supermarket at all - we're not sure if it's a 'girl job' or a 'boy job'.

Nor is there evidence that Jeremy Corbyn haunts its hallowed halls. There was even a comeback regarding Corbyn's experience:

That said, who here wouldn't want to see May trying to describe the inside of a Lidl as 'strong and stable'?

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