GTA 6 has found the perfect way to surpass Red Dead's 'horse testicle' tech

GTA 6 has found the perfect way to surpass Red Dead's 'horse testicle' tech
Rockstar to release the first trailer for the new 'Grand Theft Auto' …
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Grand Theft Auto 6 is looking set to become the biggest game release of all time, and fans of the series think they’ve spotted one of the ways it could become the most realistic game ever too.

Developers Rockstar Games have set the bar high for incredible detail in games over the years. As well as GTAv5 breaking new ground in 2013, Red Dead Redemption 2 set new standards for realism in gaming when it came out at the end of 2018.

Famously, the attention to detail was personified by one very specific element of RDR 2, which involved horses.

Such was the commitment to realism in the game, the testicles of male horses would shrink in cold weather.

It might seem like an insignificant detail, but it was just another example of details that helped players to immerse themselves in the world the developers had created.

Rockstar Games

Now, though, Reddit users think they’ve spotted one of the ways GTA 6 could surpass the detail of RDR 2.

A Reddit user posted about the leaks from the game from back in September, and speculated about the breathing mechanics in GTA6.

The poster wrote: “There's a motel scene in the sept leaks, the one where J and L are in the room together.

“Everyone probably already knows this, but if you pay attention very closely, you can see their ribcages move as they inhale and exhale…

“Got me thinking, I wonder if their breathing animations will sync to the dialogue. It'd be pretty weird to implement an arguably unnecessary breathing feature only to not have that happen.

“Another pretty obvious feature is panting and those chest movements being faster the more you run/parkour/exercise/eat sh***y food/etc.”

While it’s yet to be confirmed, and still just speculation at this point, it could well be another facet of the upcoming game which adds more and more realism to the playing experience.

Some even joked that you’d have to breathe manually, which of course would make the game next to impossible to play.

GTA 6 will be announced by Rockstar Games early next month with a teaser trailer, and then it's a waiting game until fans can put in an order for the new instalment of the popular series - with some pinning their hopes on a 'moon theory' that reveals GTA 6's release date.

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