Harrison Ford warns of apocalyptic catastrophe in dramatic climate change video

Harrison Ford warns of apocalyptic catastrophe in dramatic climate change video

Just like his Star Wars character Hans Solo, who fought off evil forces in a galaxy far far away, Harrison Ford is continuing his fight to help climate change, issuing a stark warning about its bleak impact on the planet in a dramatic video released ahead of the World Government Summit this week.

In the pre-recorded video, the 76-year-old actor, who is set to travel to Dubai to discuss ocean conservation, urges viewers to join him at this year’s summit, calling climate change “the greatest moral crisis of our time”.

In the 1-minute long video, Ford is recorded as saying:

Fresh water shortages, higher greenhouse gas emissions, unprecedented fires, worldwide destruction. Is this the world we want?

Our planet, the only home we’ve got, is suffering. This is the bare truth. This is our reality. It’s up to you and me to act, now, to face the greatest moral crisis of our time. To take action. It is time to make a difference. It affects you

The Indiana Jones star has been an outspoken environmentalist for many years now, serving as the vice chair of the Conservation International charity. He’s been known for his passionate speeches about the topic as well as being very critical of political leaders who deny that there is evidence of climate change.

The three-day summit in Dubai is now in its sixth year, and will be attended by business leaders and government officials from all over the world to discuss topics of futurism, technology and the environment.

Here's to hoping Han Solo comes to save us all once the apocalypse arrives.

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