7 things Americans didn't understand about Harry Potter

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There are plenty of words and terms in the Harry Potter universe that anyone would probably struggle to understand without explanation.

Mudblood, muggle, boggart and quidditch are all words that we are aware of now - but more than 20 years ago they would have sounded like gobbledegook.

We now take those things for granted. But there are other, seemingly normal words in Harry Potter that sound like nonsense to people who aren't from the UK.

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JK Rowling probably didn't realise that words like 'sellotape' or 'snogging' have virtually no meaning for international readers.

Even worse, some of them have also never heard of a 'Christmas cracker,' which must make certain scenes in the Potter moments a bit perplexing and their Christmases sadly lacking in awful jokes.

To try and break down some of the more confusing terminologies in Harry Potter, Screen Rant have put together a video of the things that some non-British Potter fans might not understand.

We should point out that some of their definitions aren't 100 per cent accurate.

For instance, no one in Britain really sees Boxing Day as the first week day after Christmas, even if that is the official definition.

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Here's the full list

1. Sherbet lemon - a hard, lemon-flavoured sweet

2. Snogging - an informal term for kissing and cuddling

3. Mulled mead - mead, which is a fermented alcoholic beverage, served warm with spices

4. Weasley's Wizard Wheezes - wheeze is another word for joke

5. Sellotape - what Americans call scotch tape

6. Christmas Crackers - you pull them apart at Christmas, they pop and an awful joke plus an awful hat falls out

7. Boxing Day - the day after Christmas

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