Has anyone seen Chancellor George Osborne lately?

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Sunday 26 June 2016 12:10

George Osborne has disappeared from the media spotlight following Britain's decision to leave the EU, and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

Britain's best hi-viz jacket model and Chancellor of the Exchequer has not been seen in public since Thursday.

Osborne, who has been David Cameron's lieutenant for the ten years they spent "detoxifying" the Conservative Party, nailed his colours to the mast during the referendum campaign in such brazen fashion as to displease the Leave campaigners within his party.

Now that Cameron is resigning as PM before October, there is speculation regarding how long George Osborne can stay in the Cabinet.

Much of this speculation has been fueled by Osborne's decision to adopt radio silence since the result. He has tweeted a few times, but that's it. And not to get all tin-foil hat or anything, but anyone could have written a handful of tweets from his account.

The only announcements from George were on Friday, at lunchtime. Between 1.32pm and 1.36pm he took to Twitter to assuage fears over the markets:

And at 1.38pm the MP for Tatton addressed his own position as one of the leaders of the failed Remain campaign.

The Chancellor returned to his fox hole until 3.34pm on Saturday when he congratulated the International Development Secretary Justine Greening on coming out of the closet.

The hashtag '#WheresGeorge', and variations on that theme, have now become a thing.

The schadenfreude is really something.

Osborne's protege, Business Secretary Sajid Javid, peeked over the barricade on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday and confirmed he has been in contact with the Chancellor.

Screengrab via BBC

But how long George Osborne remains on anyone's contact list is debatable.

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